It’s taco time

We’ve taken inspiration from our Mexican neighbours and put our own Peruvian twist on our favourite tortilla snack – the almighty taco.

Using gluten free tortillas and having the option to go ‘naked’ means our tacos are ideal for lunch as a side or main. You’ve had the usual pulled pork so we’ve dreamed up creations you can’t resist:


Blackened cod taco: blackened cod, pickled red onions, black beans, guacamole

Duck & rice taco: confit duck, spicy rice, charred corn, green lettuce

Ceviche taco: crispy fried seabass, sweet potato, radish, salsa criolla


Book now to enjoy 50% off weekday lunch (food only) from Tuesday 18th October until the end of the month! Take it as a treat from us to celebrate our new tacos and our second birthday!

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Pisco for the Papa’s!

We’re preparing for Father’s day by taste testing our special cocktail, it will be available only on Sunday 19th June!

But as a treat to all the hard working Dad’s out there we are giving them a Papa’s pisco on the house when they dine with us, to say thank you and show them some love.  That’s only to kick things off! With our ever so popular brunch offerings available you can go all out or save some space for dinner.


Papa's pisco
Best Papa’s pisco in London


Book online or by calling 0207 935 9393.

Extraordinary envoy

We pride ourselves on testing and re testing our wine list to make sure we bring you the best selection and that means constantly updating our wine list. That means early morning wine tastings and meetings that include lots of wine, our sommelier loves his job.

A new addition to the list is the Envoy Sauvignon Blanc, a popular white wine which is produced by Johnson Estate and regarded as one of Marlborough’s finest cool climate vineyards. It is known for a well-balanced flavour, as well as the finish being clean and long.

With strong notes of asparagus it pairs particularly well with vegetable dishes (of which we have many) or fish dishes, can we tempt you with our ceviches or a hake tamale?


Envoy Sauvignon Blanc


Call 0207 935 9393 or book online now to save your spot!



Mezcal mania

As a Peruvian inspired restaurant we are very focused on pisco, it’s national spirit, but that doesn’t stop us from sourcing the best of other influences from South America.

After meeting various suppliers we have picked the cream of the crop from a huge variety of mezcals.


Our mezcal collection


The texture is creamier, the scent smokier and the taste more complex and smooth compared to tequila. Drink it slowly from a clay cup to bring out it’s best flavours – that’s why we had ours hand made especially for us.

Like they say, ‘you kiss mezcal. It’s for sipping. Don’t shoot it!’

Team Brunch

This weekend on 23rd and 24th April we are launching our new spring brunch menu!

You should be excited, as there are quinoa and sweet potato waffles to be devoured and we are also serving our Pisco Punch!

They are a healthy Peruvian twist on the London brunch scene as there are toppings such as ginger infused yoghurt, berries, seeds and cacao nibs and beetroot-cured smoked salmon, avocado and poached egg or fried chicken and Peruvian yacon syrup.

Everybody loves waffles

Get 50% off food only this coming weekend, and just because we love you guys, the offer extends to the week after too!

Book online now or call 0207 935 9393, we’ll see you where the pisco is!

Easter feasting

Are you ready for this week’s super long weekend?!


We are getting prepared, but not in the same way that you guys are as we are open all of the Easter holidays! And by preparing it means we are marinating, concocting a new cocktail and promoting away.


Our a la carte menu is still available at lunch but you can opt in for a very good deal – get our Easter menu for £25* and walk away with a belly full of fantastic food. And maybe drink(s), depending if you have any space for them.

*Lunch times only, service charge not included.

See the Easter menu here and don’t miss out on the suckling goat’s leg – we’re drooling thinking about it already.

Book on our website or call 0207 935 9393.

See you at Mama’s!



Mothering Sunday

You’ve been to afternoon teas and had the sandwiches and cakes, now you want something a bit different, don’t you? You want something cool, a hidden gem that will bombard your palette with flavour explosions and the prettiest cocktails you can drink, right?

We can see you nodding, so we couldn’t think of a better place than Mama’s house to celebrate this special day.

Our cocktail list is sure to entice even the most discerning of ladies, the Miraflores is very popular and who can resist the perfect blend of Pisco, strawberries, lychee, lime orange blossom, bitters and violet foam?!


We have the prettiest cocktails!


We also have a very special one-day only cocktail available on the day but shhh.. it’s a surprise. Don’t miss it, you can book online or by calling 0207 935 9393!