superfood // super. food.

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Did you know that on our new daytime menu, we have got London’s healthiest waffles?
It’s true – they are made with quinoa flour (an ancient Peruvian superfood)
and drizzled with yacon syrup (a massively healthy antioxidant).

Quinoa contains twice the amount of protein as rice or barley
and yacon syrup is powerfully medicinal that helps with kidney and digestive orders.

To read more about Peruvian superfoods, check this.
Alternatively, come to Pachamama and our Head Chef can tell you all about our superfood ingredients, in person.

The daytime menu featuring our quinoa waffles is available
weekdays 11:30 – 3 and weekends 11 – 4.

Purple Corn, our favourite superfood

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Purple corn is loaded with anthocyanin, a vibrant and intense red pigment that is a natural anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogen and reduces the risk of diabetes and obesity. It also turns things PINK.

This season we are using it in our Mazamorada Cheesecake dessert with a sorbet that is made from Chicha Morada, a purple corn, pineapple and cinnamon based syrup. A sweet treat you don’t have to feel guilty about.

Pachamama review of lunch in The Telegraph, Stella Magazine

Zoe Williams came for lunch and among her many compliments to the food, we particularly like the way she described our prawn ceviche –

 ‘Zingy, hot in taste, cold in temperature, fishy in the best possible way [and] rendered English with the addition of mustard. A fine idea, and the prawns – tossed with coriander and assorted peppers – were glorious.’

Read the full article here.